Live example of success without limitations

Every time that society becomes more cultured, we learn that there are no such differences among human beings, or rather that physical differences are what makes us unique, being an advantage, a gift and not something negative. He who is born with a disability is usually hidden, repressed or limited, thus increasing his limitation.

To people who have suffered accidents and have lost some sense, those who have been born in some situation of disability should be included in the social environment, just like the rest. They have not asked to be granted the disability to add others that society imposes, when they can not join the school, a job, make friends, get couples, generate wealth or move wherever they want.

In the world, there are samples everywhere that the only limitation is the person in their mind, when they do not feel that they do not have a place in the world, that they can do what most makes them happy or that they have the same rights as the rest.
Therefore, it is our social commitment, to show that they do not need anyone to help them live because they can do it alone, that they are not helpless that they can take care of themselves, that someone else already tried and I achieve it with perseverance.

Singers, pianist, drummers …

The list is quite long of living examples of people who with a disability of birth or acquired over time, continued their life with normality, making art, enchanting their audience, being happy and making happy by means of what most like.

This list includes: Stevie Wonder (Blindness), Ray Charles (Blindness), Rick Allen (missing an arm), Nick Vujicic (missing all limbs), Frida calo (dysmetria in his right leg), Jamie Brewer (Syndrome) of Down), Ludwig van Beethoven (Deafness), and so the list goes, with dancers who lack a leg or an arm, but which do not show on stage because their movements are neat.

Maximized senses

All the senses maximize their power when necessary. It can happen to us at some point. People with some disability help their other senses to replace the one they lack, they become more skilled at hearing, for example, when they are blind.

People who lack some limb have a much better balance than those who do not have physical disabilities, because they have had to be skillful, accentuating then that the disability is mental, when you do not want to assume.

Another approach to life

The world works to offer options that make them stand on their own, without having to depend on anyone. Locksmithing, like other branches of life, works to make products more accessible to everyone, that are easy to use, or adapt to certain conditions, such as voice commands, touch screens on locks, or door closers or switches in the doors. The different dimensions of products that locksmiths make the spaces more secure and accessible improve every day.