What is inclusive art about?

It has become clear that art does not exclude anyone, but quite the opposite. The different art forms leave the wide open space so that it can be perceived through any of the senses. Discrimination has been left far behind, to those who may still think that a blind person can not go to the cinema, or make a statue or perceive it, shows its own limitations and not the person who has the physical disability.

Throughout the world, formidable efforts are made so that others who have lost vision can enjoy the pleasure of a work of art, or involve those artists who have been limited by any natural or accidental circumstance to observe them.

There are many claims by art regulars that art is a feeling that is expressed through a work, that art feels with the spirit then because he who does not see, because he could not perceive it. It is obvious that the media can be different but it is possible to create projects of fascinating inclusion so that there are fewer and fewer people out of the magnificent art.

Inclusive project

Adapting for the world for those who have some physical disability, it is not so difficult, it is necessary to free oneself from one’s own limitations, to be able to place these people in the shoes, perceive the world as they perceive them and get the forms so that they can get involved in art.

In the different inclusive projects, it is necessary to be able to have information about the most visually impaired and invite them to live the experience. These people can perceive the forms of a sculpture, through their hands, perceive, size, texture, shape and even smells, without needing to be able to see them.

The works can be adapted so that they can be touched by the visitors to each museum and even include smells to increase the lived experience. There are more and more art centers in inclusive projects, which can not only be attended by the blind but also by anyone who wants to perceive the experience through other senses.

Blind artists

Depending on the type of work, blind artists can give us the possibility of knowing how they perceive life through art. The forms of art manifest them in a different way, where only the meaning of the work could not be observed, the message that is wanted to be transmitted, but to value the process of creation.

On the other hand, there are the artists who create for the disabled, it is to adapt their work so that it can reach these people in a different way, such as the cinema edited for the blind, the sculptures that are played, or an assisted dance group.

Other senses to perceive: Cinema for the blind

Each city should have a cinema for the blind, which can not only be perceived by them, it can be fascinating to live the experience of seeing a film adapted to feel it without seeing it with their eyes, but the work allows your imagination to do all the work of creation, through sounds, stories and movements of the environment that give an additional value of superior imagination.