The senses of a visually impaired People

A visually impaired is a person who goes through many problems in his life. It is not only not seeing, but they have to deal with social stigmas, together with social and labor inequality. Despite the inequality that they have, they are responsible for coping with the situations that arise.

We know that sight is lost, but how can we do with the other senses? What happens to them? These, when the loss of one of these occurs, they try to compensate for the lack of this and they manage to develop more than normal.

The touch

This is one of the most important senses. Through this we are able to perceive the pressure, the shape of the objects that exist, their hardness, their softness, among others. But through this they can also examine, feel, and thus be able to know different beings and objects, while in their mind they assume the form they are touching.

Bearing this in mind, we can say that touch is one of the most used tools by the blind because through this is that they can perform readings, in addition to writing on a computer keyboard or playing musical instruments, all this with the hands. Braille is the special language that blind people have, and it is used specifically for this type of person.

The audition

This also becomes one of the most primordial parts that accompanies them, because through the so-called echolocation they can realize where there are obstacles, walls, among other things, thus being able to avoid them.

It is necessary to say that this is a primordial part for the security of themselves. The use of a cane is paramount, because it allows them to determine the sound waves when they hit an object, and thus to know what they have in front of them, in addition to what surrounds them.

For your safety it is also good to have a dog companion, who can guide you when you have no one who can do it for him. They are a very big help because they can take care of all those incidents that may disadvantage them, as well as any criminal who wants to take advantage of their condition.

Echolocation is part of the life of these individuals, and the younger the vision (of birth) is lost, the more this part of the sense of hearing develops.

The sense of smell

Through this they obtain different information that they can not with the other senses. Through this they perceive the smells that exist in the environment, so they can associate the smells with the objects that are in a room, for example.

In addition to this, they can also distinguish between the type of food they have in front, if an object is old or new, in addition to distinguishing people through the smell they have.

The set of meanings that we have happen to be in the background, to be the protagonists. These show improvements, that is, our body tries to survive despite all the obstacles we have and tries to adapt to what we have.