You can smell the colors

Suffering from blindness is devastating in any case. Whether it is a condition from birth, as a child or as an adult accident, whatever the case, the person can take two options to try to make his widow as normal as possible or let himself be dominated by the tragedy.

Of course, coping with any tragedy will depend on the emotional strength of each person. Technology has launched to the market devices that make the lives of the disabled related to the most independent vision, likewise society creates spaces that are more adapted for everyone.

But beyond the help they can receive from others, there are special and wonderful conditions that are generated in people who fail some of the senses. It is wonderful the history that is known with the domain or aggrandizement of some sense when another fails.

It is wonderful, to see a deaf dance, to see them perceive the sound with another meaning. Or even more incredible is to see how a blind person knows a color when they smell the surface. Do you find it incredible? But it is very true, the human brain seems to generate other capabilities when needed and these are easily demonstrable.

You know what is Synesthesia …

This ability of the brain to increase the power of other senses has a name. These new qualities are called synesthesia, their explanation can get confused. There is a very special way of perceiving the exterior with a meaning that is not commonly used.

According to science there are three types of synesthesia:

  • When a word is pronounced, it can be associated with an involuntary sensation of taste.
  • When any sign, letter or number is observed, the brain relates it to a specific color.
  • When certain music is heard, the synesthetes’ brain turns it into colors.
  • Devices for the senses

To overcome the limitations of vision in a technological way, electronic equipment reading rings have been manufactured, human movement sensors have also been created that generate sounds or optical readers that capture colors and convert them into sound.

Although the latter was created to take the colors of nature and use it in graphic design, it was also a fantastic application to give you the alternative of knowing what color is in front of you.

Unexpected synesthesia

But even more interesting is knowing that some special people have been able to find a gift to perceive color, just by smelling its surface. This synesthetic condition may seem like an act of magic, but the brain hides incredible mysteries of which it is capable when the person wants to achieve it.

They can also feel the sound with their skin, it is said through the vibrations of sound. Although the most incredulous believe that it is a reflection of creating on the need for meaning, it has been demonstrated that this condition is demonstrable, constant, lasting over time.

Not all people can achieve this superior sensory abilities, because it is related to a very high emotional level, which some are not willing to overcome due to the visual accident situation itself.