Progress of science

People who were born with the difficulty of seeing or are completely blind lived resigned to that reality never changing. Thanks to the latest advances in science and technology, this state of blindness can change. In addition, having to live with disability, alternatives have been created to make life easier and independent of others because they can not have vision.

Life does not have to be so hard, there is always hope for the cure of diseases and society is becoming more responsible to open a place for the disabled and include them in all our activities to the extent possible.

It is possible that this information interests you because someone very close to your life, is in this situation. You do not have to cross your arms, you have to investigate the latest developments and hope that they will be perfected as soon as possible. However, they should not despair and undergo tests or treatments that have not been medically guaranteed because the damage could be worse, not only with blindness but with any medical treatment.

If I was born blind, I will die blind …

Not necessarily. When you are together with a person suffering from a vision disability, you can not resign yourself to their condition, without first seeing doctors offering alternative healing. This is what should be transmitted to patients, if it refuses to consult a doctor.

Wanting to be part of current life, the technological world can act as a motivator to find the cure. The psychological treatment for receiving medical help or resigning to the condition of blindness is elementary for the individual and for his relatives.

It is necessary to know that at least three treatments are known worldwide and good results are bet. The treatment with Stem Cells must be very careful because the implantation procedure of stem cells in the eye are not properly regulated and unapproved clinics end up being a fraud.

The proper procedures results in efficient results in most patients. The artificial Retina and Bionic Eye suppose a more complex intervention of the patient but with great effects after beginning to detect the vision.

Technology for the blind

Do not sit back and wait for scientists to find the solution to blindness. Meanwhile the technology makes available:
The coarse for obstacles, innovative sensors have been placed, in a cane similar to the traditional ones for the blind, this sends signals to a Smartphone of the proximity distances evaluating as dangers or as a protected area option.

There is also the reader ring that can be used in Tablet or electronic devices of the time. There are also various applications that shoot a photo informs you the characteristics of what is facing. Some similar applications are used to detect colors.

Without forgetting the screens that form braille code in reliefs on its surfaces. For children, there is a variety of toys, although the books printed in 3D, make them feel the forms of what is narrated by making reading very interactive.